At this time we are announcing the closing of HB Hive Company.
We started the company with the desire to bring attention to honey bees and their plight, and to help new and veteran beekeepers care for these amazing little creatures. Ross and I still have our bees and will continue to spread the buzz, but we will no longer be building and selling hive products. We have another company (unrelated to beekeeping), and running the two companies had us feeling like neither was getting the full amount of attention they needed to be really great. We want to thank the community, our partners and our customers for their kindness and support. We wish you all many years of happy beekeeping!



Ross & Angelique


Did you know that about one third of the food we eat in the US is dependent upon honey bees for pollination?
Crops like apples, melons, cranberries, pumpkins, squash, broccoli, and almonds would cease to produce without them.

We are not accepting additional orders at this time. We wish everyone a bee-utiful spring! Dismiss