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All the Bells & Whistles

All the Bells & Whistles

Finally a beehive and feeder that has all the bells and whistles!

The Hartman Beehive and Hartman Beehive Feeder offers all the bells and whistles a busy beekeeper could ask for:

  • Screened Vents in the base and roof can be opened or closed to add additional ventilation. This helps to regulate temperature as well as humidity.
  • Windows offer an opportunity to peek into hive activity.
  • Arched roof promotes rain and snow run off.
  • Entrance has three sliding doors for entrance reducers.
  • Hive base incorporates and includes IPM varroa board, beetle tray/trap and slide-out¬†bottom entrance screen.
  • Hartman Beehive Feeder provides beekeepers with the ability to evaluate sugar syrup levels and refill without opening the hive.
All the Bells & Whistles:
HB Hives and Feeders cater to busy bees and keepers.
February 1, 2017

We are not accepting additional orders at this time. We wish everyone a bee-utiful spring! Dismiss