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Hartman Beehive Feeder :: The Story

Hartman Beehive Feeder :: The Story

Have you ever imagined quickly feeding your bees in any weather, without disturbing the colony, or subjecting your hive to robbing? So did we.

Living in New England, even fall weather can be rainy and raw. That time of year also seems to be yellow jacket season. So getting our bees ready for winter was stressful: Suiting up, getting the smoker ready, hoping for a warmer day with no rain (or snow). Not to mention the yellow jackets! We figured there had to be a better way. So, we invented it.

Prototypes were tested. The first couple didn’t make the cut. But eventually we refined what we are now offering to the beekeeping community: the Hartman Beehive Feeder (named after its inventor: Ross Hartman).

The Harman Beehive Feeder not only solves those three issues discussed above, its quick and convenient. If you are a beekeeper with more than one hive, you can feed everyone quickly and spend more time on the hives you want to inspect.

How it works:
Simply fill the pitcher with your special mixture of sugar syrup, remove the cork from the feeder cover, and use the flexible nozzle on the pitcher to fill the feeder. And with the window on the outside of the feeder, you can check your syrup levels without opening the feeder.

The bees do not need to leave the hive to eat! They access the syrup through a narrow opening between the hive cover, wooden feeder and feeder cover. A mesh walkway and wooden floats give the bees safe access to the syrup and reduce episodes of drowning.

  • Quicker process for beekeepers
  • No mess (no funnel necessary)
  • Cypress feeder frame holds 3 quarts of liquid
  • 5-quart pitcher with wide mouth and flexible nozzle
  • Discourages robbing
  • Protects bees from the elements on inclement days
  • Less invasive, more peaceful feeding method
Hartman Beehive Feeder :: The Story:
How the Hartman Beehive Feeder came to be.
January 23, 2017

We are not accepting additional orders at this time. We wish everyone a bee-utiful spring! Dismiss