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Hartman Outer-Hive Beehive Feeder

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Hartman Outer-Hive Beehive Feeder


HB Hive Hartman Hive Feeder Kit

  • Feeder Frame is cypress and holds 3 quarts liquid
  • Feeder Cover & Cork
  • Inside Inner Cover Assembly
  • 5-quart pitcher with wide mouth, cover and flexible nozzle
  • Feeder has a window to view syrup level
N/A. Out of stock 20.25 x 17.25 x 10.625 in 2.8 lbs . , , .


The Hartman Beehive Feeder System, by HB Hive Company, gives beekeepers the ability to feed bees without opening the hive. And honey bees do not need to leave the hive to eat. They access the syrup in the feeder from within the hive. Simply fill the pitcher with sugar syrup, remove cork from feeder cover, and insert the pitcher nozzle to fill the feeder. When done simply put the cork back in the feeder cover.

  • Quicker process for beekeepers
  • No mess (no funnel necessary)
  • Cypress wood feeder frame holds 3 quarts of liquid
  • Window in feeder frame to view sugar syrup level
  • 5-quart pitcher with wide mouth and flexible nozzle
  • Discourages robbing
  • Protects bees from the elements on inclement days
  • Less invasive, more peaceful feeding method

This kit includes the feeder frame, feeder cover with cork, pitcher and integral inner cover. Hive body and other components sold separately.


Additional information

Weight 2.8 lbs
Dimensions 20.25 x 17.25 x 10.625 in
Frame Width



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